Management of Jamia


Administrative Departments of Jamia

The Governing Body

Jamia Islamia Kashiful Uloom is a registered institute bearing Registration No.519 the governing body is the executive body of the Jamia with all executive powers.

Advisory Body:

The advisory body consists of the country’s famous ulema thinkers and sympathizers of the Muslim community and wise man.


It is a very important office of the Jamia. All activities are centered around it. Due to active functioning of this office Jamia making great strides of progress in all the department.

Academic Body:

For education and training, admission, examination all academic activities come under this department. It caters to the student's interest in learning and reading and to awaken them their dormant faculties and their all-round development, this body has been established. Every month this body meets under the headship of the Director of Jamia.

Management Department:

This office is responsible for the supervision of more than 50 affiliated madrasas from all over Maharashtra. This department looks after the improvement and efficiency of the teaching staff of the Jamia Establishment of Morning and Evening school in the region also comes under the previews of this department.

Building and Construction Dept.

This section looks after the construction of the building and extension of the existing construction work.

Dept for General Promotions and progress of Jamia:

This section deals with the introduction of Jamia the promotion of its aims and objectives, the fulfillment of its plans, the availability of the funds, the formation of delegates fall under this department.


Madarsa Ilyas Azad Chowk, Kiradpura

  • No. of students: 127
  • No. of Teaching Staff: 13
  • No. of Graduates: 253
  • Other Staff: 5

Hifz Faculty for learning the Holy Quran by heart

  • No. of students: 146
  • No. of Teaching Staff: 12
  • No. of Graduates (Huffaz): 25

Hifz Faculty at Kashifabad (Mitmita)

  • No. of Students: 107
  • No. of Teachers (huffaz): 8
  • Other staff: 4

Jamia Tayyebat Jamia for Girls

  • No. of Students: 147
  • Lady Teachers (Alimiyat): 16
  • Graduate Girls: 342

Madarsa Hafsa Kiradpura